Top 5 2021 Swimwear Trends

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The hot season is here, and this year we will hopefully be able to spend it again on a beach, or even traveling to new places! As vaccinations roll out and the world reopens, the swimwear market is rebounding, with retailers feeding consumers’ desire for escapism by introducing fresh product drops ahead of an optimistic summer reset. 

To make the most of this shift, we’ve compiled 5 trends we expect to see everywhere under the sun.

1. SEXY CUT-OUTS  Captura de pantalla 2021-06-04 a las 19.49.06

Sexy dressing has transcended categories with cut-outs a hero detail on SS21 swimwear.
Replacing side cut-outs, keyhole cut- outs are a must-go for this summer, as they will instantly elevate your look through its strategic placement on the body. The high demand for this style is allowing retailers to increase the price for this category: on ASOS, the average price of swimwear featuring the detail is $45.06 compared to the lower cost of $33.68 across all swimwear.

 2. METALLICS Captura de pantalla 2021-06-04 a las 19.49.20

Trends in the fashion world often come to swimwear, and that’s what is happening with metallic fabrics, that are really big for 2021 both on the runways and at the beach. Customers love to wear them on bikinis and swimsuits because they can provide a luxe and unique touch even to the most minimal styles. 

3. CROCHET Captura de pantalla 2021-06-04 a las 19.49.31

From basket bags to handcrafted ready-to-wear, it’s no surprise that the woven trend has knit its way into this season’s swimwear, as well. Once synonymous with a granny aesthetic, these days, Gen Zers are also all over the handicraft, with cool girls posting videos on TikTok of their handmade crochet wears. It was, indeed, time for designers to jump on board with crochet bikinis and one-pieces as those by Zimmermann, Frankies Bikinis, Cult Gaia, Tom Ford and more. 
4. SUSTAINABLE MATERIALS    Captura de pantalla 2021-06-04 a las 19.49.46There has been an emphasis on more environmentally-friendly material alternatives in swimwear over the past few years, and products containing recycled and repurposed materials  are up 307% YoY. Designers can’t ignore that anymore and, in fact, more and more brands are focusing on sustainability, not just using eco-friendly materials, but also  educating consumers on caring for their swimsuits to avoid microplastic shedding. Activewear brand Girlfriend Collective is one of the latest to join this space, releasing eight swim styles made from recycled fishing nets.

5. RETRO  PRINTS  Captura de pantalla 2021-06-04 a las 19.50.00

While retro-inspired silhouettes have dominated the swimwear trends the last several seasons, from square neck-lines to high-cut briefs, this year the “vintage effect” is in charge of retro mood-boosting prints and color-combinations, being the 70s one of the most popular inspirations. PrettyLittleThing and Motel, for example, have landed psychedelic swirls and florals, catering to the in-demand 70s print trend.

A final reminder for swimwear brands: don’t forget to prioritize diversity! As a category synonymous with body image, swimwear assortments and campaigns can no longer cater strictly to sizes and shapes once dictated as “ideal” without repercussions. As the Gen Z consumers’ voice and purchasing power grows stronger, they will want to align themselves with brands that underscore inclusivity, embrace flaws and champion acceptance. Brands that don’t evolve now could risk  excluding current and future consumers that don’t want to fit into an outdated image standard. 

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