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It’s well known that asynchronous communication can have huge benefits for your team. From increased flexibility to more thoughtful discussions, incorporating asynchronous communication methods can help make everyone more peaceful and productive, especially when working remotely.

According to Doodle’s State of Meetings 2021 report, 56% of employees believe that a high number of meetings has a negative impact on their work performance. If people are constantly interrupted, it negatively affects their productivity, which is why employees who work with fewer interruptions are often more efficient and productive. Beyond time management apps, pomodoro techniques and similar tools aimed at creating uninterrupted time spaces, a real trend that is emerging as a viable alternative to excessive distractions is asynchronous meetings.

With the right tools, asynchronous communication can help you save a lot of time and avoid distractions.

This strategy for hybrid or remote teams allows its members to communicate without the need for an immediate response. So, rather than calling a meeting or interrupting a colleague every time there’s a need to let them know something, you can send an email or message, allowing them to respond at their own work pace.

In our Top 5, we’ll explore the five best asynchronous communication platforms that you can use to facilitate all members of your work team.

1. Remeet

Remeet_TOP 5 ASYNCHRONOUS MEETING PLATFORMSRemeet platform is powered by artificial intelligence and works by automatically scheduling targeted discussions on specific topics. With a topic-first approach, you join only relevant topics and can effectively discuss more than five topics with different groups during a single hour meeting. The platform records the discussion, captures the highlights and is able to transcribe what is said to ensure that everything is always findable later.

2. Meetquo

Meetquo_TOP 5 ASYNCHRONOUS MEETING PLATFORMSMeetquo is a remote meeting platform where every team member participates asynchronously and final decisions are tracked and signed off. All participants can give feedback and approve the decisions made by signing a final document. The platform is a convenient solution for remote teams as it allows them to stay in touch and maintain continuous communication without having to spend time in dedicated meetings.

3. Grapevine

Grapevine_TOP 5 ASYNCHRONOUS MEETING PLATFORMSGrapevine allows each user to record their video message on their own schedule, and other users can review and respond to the message at a time that is most convenient for them. This method is very effective compared to live meetings, where all participants must be present at the same time. The platform has an integration feature with Slack that allows users to start recording a Grapevine video and receive notifications in their Slack workspace when a new Grapevine video message is posted.

4. Parabol

Parabol_TOP 5 ASYNCHRONOUS MEETING PLATFORMSParabol meeting software allows team members to enter all tasks with deadlines on a specific day or week and strategically incorporate them into their schedule. From there, users can provide updates on the Team Dashboard and record new tasks that will arise during the week. The platform makes it easy to share information from meetings by automatically embedding emails with a breakdown of key deliverables. It’s ideal for making topics addressed or tasks to be completed visible to everyone.

5. Tipi Hub

TipiHub_TOP 5 ASYNCHRONOUS MEETING PLATFORMSOn the Tipi Hub platform, discussions are focused on a topic, with no irrelevant or distracting elements, as is common through chats. The platform collects everything new in Unreads, a prioritized inbox that keeps the most important things at the top; if something isn’t relevant, you can unfollow or snooze it for later. It allows everyone to respond at different times, with the goal of giving you the right space to focus and dig deeper into solutions.

Have  you ever used any of these platforms? Tell us in the comments!

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