Top 5 Companies Against Food Waste

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One-third of food produced globally is wasted, and it’s not just an ethical problem: it has a huge environmental impact, as well. In the U.S. alone – where Americans now waste 70% more food than they did in the 1970s—food waste is responsible for roughly the same amount of greenhouse gas emissions as 37 million cars. Which means that, if food waste was a country, it would be the third-largest polluting country on Earth.

To fight against this situation, a new wave of companies (the majority of them founded within the last 5 years) is making new products from food that otherwise would have been wasted. Here are 5 to watch. 


Schermata 2019-09-27 alle 11.39.17This startup makes chips from up-cycled sunflower oilcake (the dry matter left after oil extraction from seeds). This dry matter was normally used to feed cows, but Planetarians found out it has actually more protein than meat, so they found a way to repurpose it as food for humans.

2. TOAST ALE Schermata 2019-09-27 alle 11.39.30First launched in London, Toast Ale makes beer using surplus bread as an ingredient. The company estimates that around 44% of bread is wasted, so it’s trying to stop this by saving almost one slice of bread per bottle.

3.  WHITE MOUSTACHE Schermata 2019-09-27 alle 11.39.42When making yogurt, a huge quantity of liquid is discarded. White Moustache sells that liquid (the whey), as a “probiotic tonic”, since it’s full of calcium, probiotics and vitamins. Last but not least, it’s highly refreshing and hydrating. The company also uses surplus fruit along with whey in their frozen yogurt probiotic pops.

4. RUBIES IN THE RUBBLE Schermata 2019-09-27 alle 11.39.53

This U.K.-based company makes condiments from surplus food. Among their sustainable products you can find, for example, a vegan mayo made with aquafaba as a substitute for eggs: aquafaba is the protein-rich water left over from cooking chickpeas which would normally be thrown away. They also sell a spicy tomato relish that uses tomatoes that are too ripe or flawed to be sold, or a pear and fig chutney made with imperfect fruits.

5. FOPO Schermata 2019-09-27 alle 11.40.07

Founded in Europe, Fopo turns almost wasted fruits and vegetables into a powder that contains 90% of the nutrition of the original fruit, but that can least as long as two years. You can add the powder to yogurt, muesli, salads, or actually any meal to improve its flavor. 

Do you know any other company using up-cycled ingredients to create delicious food? Send us an e-mail at and complete our list!

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