Top 5 Creative Bookstagrammers

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Reading is cool, especially on Instagram. As the #bookstagram community is growing, people are searching for new, creative ways, to stand out on the platform as they share their reading habits online. Results are amazing.
Here are 5 accounts you should definitely follow if you are looking for book recommendations while enjoying a really good pic.

1. James Trevino  Schermata 2019-05-03 alle 00.33.28

This 24-year-old bookstagrammer creates authentic work of art through his huge book collection. From gigantic lightbulbs made from books, to intricate wings and thrones, he uses the different covers, colors, and pages to create captivating designs that always impress his more than 200K followers.

2. Elizabeth Sagan Schermata 2019-05-03 alle 00.33.47

With an account aesthetic similar to Trevino’s, Elizabeth Sagan spends multiple hours a week to transform books into objects, clothes, and mythical creatures, transporting you to another world (just like a good story!). She mostly read fiction and she uses captions to encourage discussions about authors, plot lines, genres, and literature in general.

 3. Bookish Bronte Schermata 2019-05-03 alle 00.34.05 At her 22, Bronte Huskinson, aka Bookish Bronte, is a British author and visual storyteller who – as she says- can’t remember a single moment of her life when she wasn’t holding a book or a pen. On Instagram she blends her two passions, books and photography, for the delight of her more than 57K followers. Her books pics are always different and will definitely surprise you.

4. Book Bento Schermata 2019-05-03 alle 00.34.19

This profile’s book recommendations come with “a side of stuff” to go along with the featured novel’s cover and theme, taking each story beyond its pages. Both the books and the objects are arranged in organized, geometric compositions, tapping onto a popular visual Instagram trend.

 5. Paper tracks Schermata 2019-05-03 alle 00.34.31

Books meetsmusic in this amazing Instagram account  that re-creates the cover of some of the most iconic books of all times through those of records. You can see Russeau’s social contract mixed with Pink Floyd’s Wish You Were Here, or Umberto Eco’s The name of the rose matched with Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Independent bookstores are tapping into the bookstagram trend as well, and they are gaining popularity thanks to their instagram pics.

Do you know any other creative book-themed account we should have mentioned in our list? Let us know at!

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