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As another year is coming to an end, we wanted to look ahead and have a look at the main trends in education and education technology that we expect to see in 2017. Just scroll down and get prepared!

1. A new learning environment

 Photo: Dwight Englewood School - via

Photo: Dwight Englewood School – via

One of the most discussed topics about education right now regards the transformation of the traditional learning space: as new education models gain traction, experts say classroom should be redesigned in order to encourage a more dynamic and active learning and so get student prepared for life outside the classroom. New interior design solutions for schools are expected to come to life in 2017, with a focus on comfort, flexibility, digital-friendly environment and open spaces. (To get a glimpse of what may come, have a look at our article on the new model for educational design here)

2. More coding and makers programs

Photo: The Next Web

Photo: The Next Web

Makers initiatives for education have become more and more popular during 2016, so now we expect them to be more integrated in the curriculums. Of course, as a consequence of the spread of the maker movement and the growing interest around robotics, coding is becoming more important, too and it will continue to find its way to schools, targeting students of all ages.

3. AR & VR enter the classroom



They say 2017 will be the year when augmented and virtual reality become (even more) mainstream and, with a lot of content being produced for these technologies and a huge potential for their effective application in education, we would not be definitely not surprised if they will be used a lot more in the classroom next year.

4. Personalized learning



It has been one of the biggest trends in education during the last couple of years and it will continue to grow. The learning experience will be made even more customized through a mix of face-to-face lessons, artificial intelligence solutions, emotion recognition systems and data-driven activities.

5. Digital education


There’s a huge debate going on about the necessity of teaching digital citizenship and digital behaviour at school. With social network being a part of our everyday life and issues such as cyber bullying, privacy, fake news and security on the internet being constantly on the radar, we expect a rise in both online and face to face initiatives aimed to encourage a more responsible use of technology by young students.

With this top 5 we at Forma wish you happy holidays: we will come back in January with more trend analysis and insights on education!

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