Top 5 Fashionable Pollution Masks

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As air quality gets worse, pollution masks become a fashion item. All over the world, a growing number of companies are redesigning this dystopian accessory to help people be on stye while protecting their mouths. Due to climate change, deserts are expanding and fires are expected to be more frequent. This means that the trend will continue to spread. Here are 5 companies making attractive air filtration masks engineered specifically for both fashion and function.

1. VOGMASK   Schermata 2019-11-22 alle 00.32.13Although it has been selling its brightly colored air masks since 2011, this Californian company became popular in Fall 2018, when the Camp Fire destroyed nearly 20,000 structures and killed 85 people in the country. Due to the dangerous air quality, citizens were invited to protect their lungs, and that’s when Vogmask sells peaked. At first, the brand experimented with putting glitch-inspired images on the masks, along with artwork like Mondrian and the work of Dada artists. Now they opt for less flashy, yet fashionable, designs. They have the rule that nothing scary has to be put on the mask, because their goal is trying to make people happy, despite the tragic conditions they may be forced to live in.

2. AIRPOP  Schermata 2019-11-22 alle 00.32.32 Airpop is a Chinese company known for making masks that actually fit on East Asian faces. In countries like China, Korea and Japan, these accessories are so popular that lifestyle bloggers review them as fashion items and pop stars influence the styles. Most of them, though, are designed for Caucasian faces. Airpop not only changes that, but it also provide a huge variety of colors and styles for its masks, that can be bought both in stores and online.

3. FREKA  Schermata 2019-11-22 alle 00.32.48Based in London, Freka started as a collaborative project between highly-experienced UK tailors and European industrial designers, with the mission to create facewear that combines aesthetics with functionality. All their products are comfortable and designed for an optimal experience, since they are based on an in-depth analysis of the facial topography and breathing patterns.

4. U. MASK
Schermata 2019-11-22 alle 00.33.03Made in Italy, U.Mask is the First and only Biotech anti pollution mask in the world to include a unique layer which naturally destroys all chemical and pandemic pollutants – from smog to allergy triggers – trapped into the mask before they get to the airways. It’s ideal for any outdoor activity and it’s also available for kids.

5. RESPRO Schermata 2019-11-22 alle 00.33.22

With 10 years experience, Respro is considered the premier company in this design field, and among the first ones that strongly bet on the aesthetic of its products: back in 2014, it signed a fashion collaboration with Marcelo Burlon and its brand County of Milan, that was launched at Pitti Uomo in Florence, Italy. Their masks are designed for many different activities, from city cycling to extreme sport or simply commuting in the traffic. On their website they have a Mask Selector that easily helps you find the mask that best suits your needs. 

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