Top 5 Food Trends for 2019

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Have a tasty 2019! We couldn’t think of a better way to start the year than having a glimpse at the future of food. As healthy lifestyles and sustainability continue to be a priority for the modern consumer, plant-based meals (often coming from new, unexpected sources) and low-cab, partially vegan diets will become even more popular, while faux meat will find a new dimension in the snack segment.
Fermented foods – that are especially good for gut – will also continue to gain popularity, and cannabis will keep making its way onto grocery store shelves, especially with CBD infused drinks.
Here are 5 food trends we expect to be especially strong this year.

1. Pegan diet

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Being a cross between paleo and vegan, the pegan diet is attracting health-driven food lovers. As Keto diet – which has become increasingly popular during the second part of 2018 – will likely lose its edge, peganism is expected to take its place, as it satisfies the growing demand for high-fat, low-carb options. The number of searches for “eating pegan” on Pinterest rose 337 percent just in the past six months.

2. Pacific Rim flavors Schermata 2019-01-04 alle 21.25.23

Flavors from the Pacific Rim will dominate multi-cultural menus. Filipino and Hawaiian restaurants are opening at a fast pace all over the globe and ingredients such as longanisa (Filipino pork sausage), shrimp paste or dried shrimps are popping up in the U.S Grocery stores. Jackfruit’s popularity as an alternative to meal is increasing, and more and more products are starting to use monkfuit extract as an healthier alternative to sugar.

3. Seaweeds Schermata 2019-01-04 alle 21.25.34

Consumption of sea vegetables (also known as seaweeds) is growing 7 percent annually in the United States. Eco-friendly and full of healthy properties, they are showing up in many different meals, and brands are already using them as an ingredients for their products.
Seaweed butter, kelp noodles, kelp sauces, kelp jerkies and plant-based tuna alternatives made with algae ingredients are just some of the innovative products you can expect to see in the grocery stores in the months to come.

4. Faux meat snacks

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Meat alternatives and plant-based foods will become more and more popular, even among non- vegan and non-vegetarian consumers. Mushrooms, soy, coconut and eggplant will be the main ingredients of jerky-like and bacon-like snacks.

5. Oat Milk

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Oat milk is already consolidating as the new hot product in the dairy-free segment. It’s more sustainable and generally less expensive than almond milk, and people just love it. Searches for oat milk +186% on Pinterest during the last year and we expect to see more oat-based products such as oat cheeses and oat yogurts in 2019.

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