Top 5 Gamified Work Experiences

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Gamification is here to stay. We talked about it in many different occasions, seeing how it has been increasingly impacting learning, training and hiring during the last three years. Since the trend is growing even faster now, we wanted to have a look at some of the most interesting gamified work experiences we spotted around the world. Let your boss read this post or get inspired yourself: coming back to work after holidays could be a lot funnier this year!

1. CIA Training

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Did you know the CIA uses board games to train their agents? Of course, these aren’t the typical games we normally find in stores, but special ones that have been specially designed and assembled to recreate day-to-day operations. By playing, the new CIA resources not only start to familiarize with typical situations they will have to face at work, but they also learn important skills and values such as collaborations, strategic planning, problem solving and more. If you want to know more about the dynamic of the games, here’s a detailed article.

2. Unicorn Startup Simulator Schermata 2017-07-28 alle 13.04.04

To those of you dreaming about flying to the Silicon Valley, founding your own startup and quickly become the new Steve Jobs: take a deep breath and play this videogame instead. It was created in collaboration with Toggl time tracking app (of which you can find a helpful review here) and it simulates the ups and downs of the startup life in a retro, pixeled aesthetic. The goal is to have a valuation of at least 1 billion dollar by the end of the year and keep your employees happy at the same time. As a CEO, you’ll have to deal with different situations, from responding to employees requests to meeting possible investors or find the best way to react when a negative review appear on media or a competitor copy your ideas (sounds familiar, Snapchat?). Of course, it’s just a game and it’s quite funny, but it’s also a good way to test your entrepreneurial skills: for example, you may find out that you can manage to have the entire staff thinking you’re cool but you’re not capable to make money out of it.

 3. Jobflare   Schermata 2017-07-28 alle 13.04.16

Launched just a few months ago, this iOs brain games app take gamified hiring process a step further. In fact, differently from what happens with other recruiting tools, here jobseekers start playing even before applying for a position. You set up your profile, specifying what are the types of jobs you’re most interested in; then you’re invited to play games that are specifically designed to measure the key components of cognitive ability, such as verbal communication, attention to detail and other skills that have been associated with job success. Depending on your results, the app will send you the best opening positions, so you can apply to them. The better you perform, the more jobs will be sent. So just never stop playing!

4. Asurion training Schermata 2017-07-28 alle 13.04.38

Asurion is a  technology-support company based in Nashville and it adopts an interesting training method. During their first week at work, new employees are locked in a room and they have to find a way to escape from it. They have to work with their colleagues to figure out the best possible solutions and solve technology challenges that go from resetting a router to more complex activities involving multiple operating systems. The goal of the game is to reinforce traits that will be important for their job, such as collaboration, critical thinking and hands-on experiences with technology devices.

5. Edelman recruiting
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This year, Edelman UK set up a digital treasure hunt to attract potential candidates and make the recruiting process funnier. They put clues and codes across social media platforms, online marketplaces, video-streaming sites and Shazam. Every clue took to another and, finally, to the job application. Since their main target was millennials, the goal was to engage them in a funny way and test their abilities to solve challenges using a medium they are comfortable with. And, at the end, only the smartest ones got a chance to have the job.

Have you spotted any other example of gamification at work? Write us at to tell us! We’ll come back in September to put you up to date on everything related to work and education.

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