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Mindful bars are officially a thing. The opening of the first meditation bar in Paris, in 2017, have rapidly raised the popularity of this new type of cafés, that are popping up worldwide to provide their customers an oasis of peace and silence in the heart of the most frenetic towns.

Here, people are invited to meditate, have relaxing massages, and practice yoga. If they want something to drink, they can grab a detox infusion or an anti-energy beverage, containing natural ingredients with calming properties, such as valerian or melatonin.

If you want to get a taste of this emerging trend, here are 5 mindful bars you can visit right now.

1. Bar a Meditation, Paris

Schermata 2019-03-20 alle 23.18.33Considered the true pioneer of the trend, this bar has been founded by a psychiatrist and psychotherapist, and it offers 30 minute guided meditation sessions. People can book a session online and leave their phone and personal belonging in the lockers provided. Then, they are guided through the meditation by one of the therapists working at the centre. You can even ask for specific meditation programmes to help combat stress, and there are also courses for for teenagers.

2. Shim Story, Seoul Schermata 2019-03-20 alle 23.18.47

There is a  “fast healing” cultural movement in South Korea, “where people look for a quick remedy for relaxation the same way they consume fast foods,” as written by the Korea Times. This has led to a rise in mindful or “healing” cafés, where people go to recharge and relax. Shim Story is one of these places: it’s located in one of the busiest districts in Seoul, and it provides massage chairs, heated beds and all the commodities that help customers decompress. Soothing music and scent diffusers create a calming environment.

3. JivamukTea Café, New York Schermata 2019-03-20 alle 23.18.56Being the café of a well known yoga centre, this place offer vegan, healthy foods that helps you prolong the general sense of wellness you feel after your yoga sessions. Here you can taste amazing salads, ginger cookies or the customizable “yogi’s choice” bowl (you can create it yourself by choosing 4 items and 1 dressing) while having an energizing massage.

4. City Zen, Milan

Schermata 2019-03-20 alle 23.19.09

City Zen’s coffee house is the Italian interpretation of the trend. Here you can have a silent break, to detox from noise and escape the always busy Milan scene (take your phone off!). They also organize workshops and events.

5. YogaCafé, Berlin

Schermata 2019-03-20 alle 23.19.18

Mindful cafés have become quite popular in Berlin, too. This one, for example, invites you to “live a mindful life” through healthy food and yoga sessions. Their philosophy is that you have to feed both your mind and your body if you want to have a really healthy and fulfilling life. This is also the reason why they only use sustainable, local ingredients for their seasonal menus.

Do you know any other Mindful bar we should have included in our list? Let us know at!

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