Top 5 Personal Development Games

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Gamification is entering the world of personal development. As the interest around this topic rises (growth mindset have been predicted to be among the top trends in education this year) we expect more companies to create or use games that teach people how to boost their motivation, leave their comfort zone and empower themselves… all of that, while having fun with their friends, family or co-workers. Here are 5 leading the way.

1. Better Me
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Created in the U.S, Better Me challenges you to take specific actions to improve yourself, while strengthening relationships with others. The game brings up interesting topics that don’t normally come up in daily conversation, allowing you and your co-players to quickly learn about yourself and them. Players move around the game board and draw cards which prompt all sorts of positive action and discussion. For example, you could be invited to tell people about an accomplishment you’re proud of or to write a thank you letter to a loved one.  

2. Ciao Comfort Zone  Captura de pantalla 2020-01-17 a las 1.02.22

Created in 2017 by French entrepreneur and best selling author  Damien Cozette, it already counts with more than 10.000 players and recently it has reached other markets such as Italy and Spain. Presented as the “first personal development game” , “Ciao Comfort Zone” has been designed – as the name suggests, to help you leave your comfort zone and make progress in your life. It contains 52 cards, each one proposing a challenge you’ll have to face in the next 48 hours. Challenges includes activities such as “live without any money for 48 hours” or “have a debate on any topic with a stranger” and they are divided into 6 categories: Social, Goodness, Experience, Gratitude, Trust and Health. 

3. The Empowering Questions Captura de pantalla 2020-01-17 a las 1.02.33

A card deck including 52 colourful cards with questions that will help you examine your deeper self, discover and release your inner strength and bring more energy into your life. They were first published in Finland in 2015, and then they have been translated in English for the global market. They can be used for meditation, for writing or with any other empowering process you like. 

4. Insight Cards Captura de pantalla 2020-01-17 a las 1.02.45Another card deck that have been specifically designed for workshops and corporate training. Its goal is to inspire dialogue in small groups as well as spark out of the box thinking. Based on the latest management theories and on neuroscience, the cards include 40 powerful questions on personal development and 12 “what if” questions to help people learn about themselves, engage in team building activities and grow.

 5. Superbetter Captura de pantalla 2020-01-17 a las 1.02.58

Created by game designer Jane McGonigal, the very first edition of Superbetter rewarded you for your healthy habits and for working towards your goals. Then, the company created a work-focused version of it, called SuperBetter At Work, and now they are partnering with college campuses to create a brand new SuperBetter On Campus version.

This new version aims to help colleges and universities in their efforts to improve student success and retention. According to a report,  4 in 10 U.S. college students fail to graduate within 6 years. Superbetter wants to stop this by building resilience, soft skills, campus engagement, social connection and mental wellbeing in students. While the app is in development, their creators are thinking about launching challenges that encourage students to engage with each other or a campus organization to complete a task. 

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