Top 5 S/S 2020 Fashion Trends

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Short lengths, deconstructed silhouettes and exotic inspirations will shape our spring/summer wardrobe in 2020. As seen at the recent fashion weeks, here’s our round-up of the biggest trends for the next season.

1. DECONSTRUCTED Schermata 2019-10-25 alle 00.10.00Designers keep experimenting with functionality and details. On one hand we have dresses that seem to have been “rebuilt” after the deconstruction of a previous item, to provide it with more functionality; On the other hand there’s a “many-to-one execution”, with spliced silhouettes put together to create unique shapes (see Benetton as an example).

2. POLKA DOT Schermata 2019-10-25 alle 00.10.20Since a renowned Zara dress became this year’s viral fashion success the spotlight has been on polka dots, and it will continue to be like that. Spotted in, Balenciaga moves this classic print onto exaggerated ’80s shapes for the fashion-forward.

3. NEW BOHO Schermata 2019-10-25 alle 00.10.34Bohemian looks get a new appeal with both spirituality-infused details and a retro twist with digital-appealing hues. More than ever we see ancient embellishments evoking the idea of a goddess, a fairytale queen or a contemporary shaman. 

4. TIKI FEVER  Schermata 2019-10-25 alle 00.10.50 Following the resurgence of Tiki bars, Tiki culture is now entering as an inspiration in fashion, as well, where it’s evident in both shapes and colors. Feathers and embellishments recalling grass skirts and South Pacific colors have been seen in all the major cities.

5. BERMUDA SUITS   Schermata 2019-10-25 alle 00.11.03

Short trousers suits, already seen in past summer catwalks, are becoming more and more popular: expect to see them styled at work, replacing the classic tailleur. Execution are mainly midi, but there’s an important twist on shorts for the more adventurous ones. They were all over the runways, interpreted by designers such as Chanel or Saint Laurent, among others.

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