Top 5 Trendy Christmas Gifts

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Out of ideas for your Christmas gifts? We have you covered! Get inspired by the top 5 accessories trends for the season and make sure you’ll buy something that will be still cool one year from now: in fact, they are all expected to be a must-have in retail for A/W 2018-19.


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 Customization continue to lead the accessories market, as demand for exclusive, characterful items grows especially among Millennials and Gen-Z. From tassels and charms up to heels, brands like Miu Miu, Hermes or Fendi, among others, give their customers infinite options to update and personalize the most classic pieces.


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We have already told you that checks are one of the trendiest patterns for this season, and the good news is that they will be still trendy in A/W 2018, when we will see them dominating accessories. This is why gifting a plaid scarf can be considered an inversion for the future! We suggest you to choose it either in vibrant or in pastel tones, to balance the classicity of the piece with a less usual color combination.


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The wearable market is booming, and more and more luxury brands are jumping onto the trend bandwagon to offer more elegant and fashionable options for activity trackers, smartwatches and more. If the Luis Vuitton watches are a little too much for you,  check out this bracelet that suggest internet passwords, or maybe the one designed by Tory Burch for Fitbit. There is even one combacting menopausal hot flashes!


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We told you that customization is a huge trend, but you don’t necessarily have to go for the chicest and most serious options. In case you are gifting a young person, maybe you should know that playful and colorful add-ons are definitely a thing. You can choose among embellished straps, emoji-inspired charms, animal -shaped pouches (see those by Loewe!) and more.


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The wanderlust fever is here to stay. If you know someone who travels a lot, today you have a lot of options to make him or her happy. New and old brands are tapping on the trend with tech-enabled luggages (Away makes them with integrated USB chargers and traceable name tags), personalized initials for suitcases or small leather pieces featuring compartments to store passports and documents.

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