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Why just go eating a sandwich at the bar near home when you can have a coffee standing on the ceiling of a topsy-turvy kitchen, taste a burger that looks like a lego brick or even dance in a psychedelic adult ball pit before having a cocktail? As people look for funny experiences when dining outside, a bunch of restaurants and bars are creating unusual ambiences in order to jump on the “eatertainment” bandwagon. In case you want to try something new in a really weird (and instagrammable!) place, here we listed the most unusual themed food spaces from around the world that are causing sensation on social media. Which one would you visit first?

1. Toppels’ (Germany) Schermata 2017-03-09 alle 00.11.40

Opened last year in Wertheinm, Germany, The Toppels’ roadside café instantaneously became a social media phenomenon thanks to the fact that here everything is upside down. From the outside it looks like a traditional house sitting on its roof, and inside all furniture is topsy-turvy: as a result of that, visitors can pose in the rooms for photos having their feet on the ground but in the pictures they will appear as if they were standing on the ceiling. Definitely a good way to amaze your followers on Instagram!

2. Brick Burger (Philippines) Schermata 2017-03-09 alle 00.22.38

The Lego-Mania is basically everywhere right now but, if you are a true fan of the colorful toy bricks, you should definitely book a flight in order to make sure not to miss the first Lego-themed restaurant in the world! It opened six months ago in a shopping center of Pasig in the Philippines and it serves up to 10 different burgers all made with buns that resemble the famous toy bricks. Of course, the dining room is pretty Lego-friendly too!

3. GlowyMcGlow (UK) Schermata 2017-03-09 alle 00.29.53

BallieBallerson was already famous for being London’s only adult ball pit, where you could go to play, dance and just have fun as you did when you were a child. They opened in November 2016 and their success was so huge that now they decided to ampliate it and transform it into something even cooler with a psychedelic touch. So here comes the GlowyMcGlow: an UV-lit, mirror-lined pit filled with 250,000 clear balls underlit by a LED dancefloor that pulsates in time with the bangin’ tunes. Upstairs they have a quirky bar that sells cocktails with planet themes and it’s also decorated with plasma balls and glow in the dark murals.

4. Poop Café (Canada) Schermata 2017-03-09 alle 00.38.46

As the name suggests, this is the first ever poo-themed dessert café in Canada. Yes, as you read it. It opened last year in Toronto and it offers an (almost) all-brown menu, in the shape of human stools. Diners sit on fake toilets and eat their food (that mainly consists of traditional Thai, Japanese and Korean desserts, as well as chocolate ice cream) out of lavatory and urinal-shaped dishes. Although it may sound disgusting, toilet-themed cafes are not really a new thing, and you can find some of them in places like Russia, South Korea, the Philippines, China, Japan or Indonesia. In concrete, owner Lien Nguyen was inspired by Modern Toilet, a restaurant in Taiwan that has been open since 2004.

5. The Unicorn Cafe (Thailand) Schermata 2017-03-09 alle 00.46.05

If you need to put a little magic in your life, check out this glittery café that is, in fact, a child’s dream made real. Here you will find giant unicorn murals, unicorn carpets, oversized pink furniture, mini ponys and – of course! – a rainbow menu including rainbow waffles and rainbow drinks. You can go there even in paijama and you are encouraged to cuddle up with the unicorn plush toys that you will find everywhere in the dining room. Even if it’s not a new opening, they became extremely popular on social media last year, as  consequence of the massive spreading of the rainbow food trend.

Have you spotted any other unusual café or restaurant and you want to tell us? Write us at you could become a researcher for Gourmand!

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