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Valentine’s day habits are changing, and even if there’s a lot of buzz around love and couples, in 2019 only 45% of women have celebrated this day with their BAE.

February 14th becomes a day to show gratitude to all your beloved, including moms, daughters, best friends aka “sisters”, ancestors, or even the new pals, both pets and plants. (According to Forbes, pet gifts accounted for about $751 million of last year’s Valentine’s Day spending). 

In this scenario, brands are finding new codes to communicate what real love is, often appealing to the universal roots of the term, and avoiding stereotypes as much as possible. 

The attitude towards being single is changing as well. In 2019, 12% of consumers have chosen to celebrate this day treating themselves with something special. From celebrating self love up to forgiving who have set them apart, these people are already dedicating some love to haters, using their “anti-valentine” feeling as a chance to overcome negative emotions related to someone and to transform them into something playful or even cathartic. 

Here are 5 emerging Valentine’s Day trends that you will find in beauty products the next February, 14th.

1. MASTERING THE MOMENT   Captura de pantalla 2020-01-31 a las 1.42.11

The gift of a quiet moment to oneself, whether self-indulged or created by a thoughtful partner, ties in with the trends for mindfulness and hygge. With conception of time going progressively “on-demand”, the celebration of “a love moment” means from the customer side, indulging in a memorable moment and from the brand side, aid people to get the most from these moments.

Products promising sleep and relax are increasingly becoming a key part of the Valentine’s offering. In Underwear, new-in sleepwear capsules volumed faster than lingerie during this date in 2019. As people are concerned about sleep deprivation, we see an increasing request for night rituals and sleep aiding tool (silk masks above all, but also pillows and scrunchies to let facials night rituals be as comfortable as possible).

Several capsules are conceived for achieving the best look for a special night (often at home), a trend that is increasing as night-date presents represent the 35% of the total spending for Valentine’s day in 2019.

2. SISTERHOOD Captura de pantalla 2020-01-31 a las 1.42.26

Alternative Valentine’s sentiments appear across window displays and product offerings, as pro-feminist messaging remains an important theme for youth retailers season over season. 

The continued interest in Galentine’s is noted across different collection, giving a more colorful twist to the common love story. Celebration are lightly switching from two people to many different girls, remarking the rising concept of sisterhood: brands made by women for women have a key role in this new kind of celebration.

3. SPREAD THE LOVE Captura de pantalla 2020-01-31 a las 1.42.42

Me + You + The Planet. This equation is spreading up according to the climate change issue. This conscious consumer asks for a wider idea of love, including progressively other family members (moms and daughters firsts), teacher and mentors, up to the universal love for the planet, better if purposefully declined.

Brands are adapting to this mood mainly through inclusive products (him + her), often with a “home-made” look and feel , and through long lasting presents: Preserved rose have spread last Valentine with scents that promise to last for a full year, and refillable products that make the present live the longest will spread over the next celebration day.

 4. ANTIVALENTINE Captura de pantalla 2020-01-31 a las 1.42.57

Consumers are searching for loneliness as a unique way to treat themselves. Concerned by infobesity, they start to look at themselves as the first recipient of love. It’s already a fact that people can marry with themselves. This cohort craves for new ways of representing this love and this feeling of perfect balance and integrity when alone. 

Brands are reacting to this new “solo consumer” in various way:
First, through the recent re-birth of the 11.11 Day, which was originally created during 1990s to identificate all the people who weren’t “not engaged nor willing to” (Emma Watson this year launched a new term to describe them: “self partnered”); Then, with campaigns and capsules dedicated to celebrate loneliness compared to toxic relationships. 

  5. SWEET & WINE INSPIRATION  Captura de pantalla 2020-01-31 a las 1.43.11

On the sensorial point of view, food & beverage are a trending inspiration for Valentine’s day beauty products. From rosé to red and champagne, wine is a key theme for both scents and packaging, while the smell of cakes and candies promise to add some sweetness to your gifts.

Do you want to know more about the emerging beauty trends for Valentine’s Day? Write us at and ask us for an in-depth report! 

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