Top 5 Virtual Influencers

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They are cool, they are famous, they collaborate with brands and promote products. But here’s the thing: they’re not real. In the age of fake news and fake followers, fake influencers are emerging as well. And it’s not necessary bad. Computer-generated models are shaking up the fashion industry, as they provide designers and labels with exciting new ways to reach their customers. You could say virtual celebrities are nothing new (do you remember Gorillaz?!) but these new social media stars have also strong personalities that makes them incredibly similar to the most popular bloggers. Here are 5 worth following.

1. Lil Miquela Schermata 2019-01-11 alle 00.46.36

Miquela Sousa could be easily defined as the Queen of virtual influencers. Hyperreal and with latin origins, she’s followed by 1.5 million people on Instagram (and counting!). She wears brands like Chanel, Supreme, Vetements and Kenzo, and sometimes she appears in pictures with both real and virtual influencers.
There’s no doubt she’s a real it girl: she appeared on the cover of Highsnobiety and released interviews for the BBC and Business of Fashion. Time included included her in its list of the “Most Influential People on The Internet 2018” and she even released a song that went viral on Spotify. Of course, she have political opinions, as well: she support causes like Black Lives Matter and backs and organization called Black Girl Code, which helps girl to learn technology.

2. Shudu Schermata 2019-01-11 alle 00.46.47

Shudu has 153K followers on Instagram. Her bio defines her as “The world’s first digital supermodel” but above all she’s a virtual celebration of black women’s beauty. She was created by Cameon-James Wilson, a photographer from Weymouth, England. In an interview with WWD, Wilson told that the avatar’s message has a lot to do with diversity. “I want her to support developing economies and industries and be a vessel for that,” he said. Shudu was one of the faces of Balmain’s Pre-Fall 2018 Campaign, together with other two computer-generated models: Margot and Xhi. Her profile began to skyrocket when Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty reposted a  photo of her “modeling” its Saw-C lipstick.

3. Blawko Schermata 2019-01-11 alle 00.46.59

Being the first male computer -generated influencer, Blawko counts 136K followers on Instagram, where he also posts a lot of memes and clips from video-games. He’s tattooed and the bottom part of his face is always covered. He’s a Vans and streetwear lover and he’s dating with another virtual model, the controversial Bermuda.

4. Bermuda Schermata 2019-01-11 alle 00.47.14

Blond model Bermuda is a Trump supporter, and caused sensations for her memes  condemning Hillary Clinton and “liberal feminism”. She was under the spotlight last spring, when she apparently “hacked” Miquela Sousa’s Instagram account. The two have since reconcilied and now they’re friends, often appearing together in pics.

5. Sophia the robot Schermata 2019-01-11 alle 00.47.27

Sophia brought “not human” fashion influencers into real life. She’s a real robot and was front row at Alexander Wang’s Fall 2019 show wearing clothes from the brand. She’s a creation from Hanson Robotics and in one Instagram post she said she loves “meeting people from all over the world” and “experiencing different fashion”. She  also attended Shanghai Fashion Week, and wore a vintage Gucci bag like a true It girl.

Is there any other virtual influencer do you think we should add to our list? Write us at and let us know!

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