Top 5 websites and apps for homeschooling

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As schools are closed worldwide, due to the novel Coronavirus crisis, educational websites, apps and even book editors are providing free resources in order to help teachers and parents educate students at home. Here are 5 you should keep an eye on.

1- Teach from home + Learn@Home Captura de pantalla 2020-04-05 a las 12.45.41

Google and YouTube have launched new resource pages to help teachers and families educate students at home. Google’s page, called Teach From Home, offers recommendations on how teachers can teach remotely using Google products, featuring ideas like doing a video lesson using Hangouts or creating an online quiz using Google Forms. There’s also a downloadable “Teach from Home toolkit”, available in different languages, which gives suggestions on how to teach remotely through a series of slides.

By its side, Youtube’s Learn@Home initiative highlights educational channels that students can watch on the platform. The page categorizes the channels that are recommended for families with kids 13 and older, for families with kids five and older, and for families with preschoolers.

 2. Quizlet Captura de pantalla 2020-04-05 a las 12.45.51

The app version of the Quizlet website offers a great way for children to study, revise and practise many different subjects like science, maths, or history, and even less typical school subjects, like coding. They learn with flashcards, and they can keep in touch with classmates who are also using the app, by sharing flashcards amongst each other.

 3- Khan Academy Captura de pantalla 2020-04-05 a las 12.46.00

Khan Academy is a 100% free online service for all grade levels. The website offers many online tools from basic math to SAT preparation. Some classes are interactive and personalized based on your level of skills. These days, the platform added a page featuring information and resources to help parents and teachers educate students at home during the Co-VID19 crisis; They even provide daily schedules for students aged 2-18. 

4. Scholastic Captura de pantalla 2020-04-05 a las 12.46.11
Educational book editor Scholastic is now offering free resources during school closures. Their Learn at Home program reinforces and educate students’ skills with 20 days of active learning. It’s only available in English but it’s definitely worth knowing.

 5- ARS School Innovation Captura de pantalla 2020-04-05 a las 12.46.34

This Italian book and cards editor is providing educational resources through Augmented reality apps: children and young students can learn and revise different subjects such as english, science, geometry and geography in a really engaging way while at home. 

Have you spotted any other website or app which is currently providing free resources for homeschooling? Please, let us know! You can write us at!

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