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Foods and drinks inspired by Indian holistic healing system Ayurveda.


In the last  couple of years wellness influencers and Hollywood stars made Ayurveda a trend, changing the West’s perception of Indian cooking.

Inspired by India’s thousands-of-years-old holistic healing system, the Ayurvedic diet involves minimally processed foods and mindful eating rituals, being based on the belief that health and wellness depend on a delicate balance between mind and body. 

Fueled by the West obsession with “plant-based” eating and “healthy” lifestyles, In 2018  Ayurveda exploded into public consciousness via a new embrace of healthy mitochondria, the ketogenic diet, and other fat-friendly approaches to food. This led to the proliferation of ayurvedic ingredients such as turmeric, ghee, coconut oil, ashwagandha, and moringa, that are now used in all kinds of food and drinks. It’s only helped that today’s fad diets like paleo and Whole30 demonize dairy and gluten, which can be easily avoided in Indian cooking.

Hollywood has been highly responsible for bringing Ayurveda to the mainstream, as many celebs tried—and subsequently shared on social media—the Ayurvedic cleanse called panchakarma, which includes a specific diet.

Back in 2016 Gwyneth Paltrow contributed to the the popularity of the highly instagrammable turmeric latte, which has been one the first Ayurvedic drinks that became massively famous in the western market.

If Ayurveda is experiencing a renaissance right now, it’s because people are becoming increasingly aware of the connection between mind and body. Consumers are more skeptical than ever before about Western medicine, and so they look to other resources and cultures for the remedies they need.

As they search for science-backed forms of alternative healing, Ayurveda’s popularity will only continue to rise. In fact, the Ayurvedic food market is expected to grow till 2028 via both solid and liquid form products, with solid form products predicted to account for the leading share in the next few years.


Golden Tiger sells wellness drinks inspired by Ayurveda and powered by anti-inflammatory turmeric. The beverages, which are entirely vegan, plant based and non-GMO are crafted to help the body with recovery and revitalization.

Gaia Herbs sells ready-to-go Golden Milk, so consumers can easily create the Ayurvedic staple at home.

Remedy Organics’ Golden Mind is a dairy-free beverage offering a modern take on turmeric golden milk. It is packed with curcumin, adaptogenic herbs and other ingredients that are beneficial for the brain, the heart and the eyes. 

Ancient Organics and Fourth & Heart are among the brands that helped ghee – a type of clarified butter used in Ayurvedic Medicine-  to spread.

Pukka Herbs sells teas and supplements made with hard-to-find Ayurvedic herbs like triphala, amla, shatavari, and holy basil. 

Arqa, the inhouse brand of gourmet superstore Foodhall, has a range of Ayurvedic spices you can easily add to your diet to detox, de-stress and rejuvenate.

In Los Angeles, smoothie shop Moon Juice sells products using ingredients popular in both Chinese medicine and Ayurveda.

In Italy, restaurants such as Ginger in Rome or Soulgreen in Milan offer ayurvedic menus and dishes, promoting themselves as places where you eat to feel good. 
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