Trend Alert: Child- Friendly Workspaces

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Trend Definition:

Co-working spaces and offices designed for families. 

Trend History:

Work culture is becoming more and more family-centric. The rise of dual-income households on one hand and the escalating costs of nurseries and childcare on the other, force parents to search for new ways to spend time with their children while working. In response to this demand, offices and co-working spaces are increasingly providing babysitting services and dedicated areas where the little ones can play while their moms or dads are attending a meeting or maybe writing important Emails.

The trend interests both Gen X and Millennials. As the family-focused members of Gen X enter leadership positions, they are enacting changes that lead to more child- friendly offices. At the same time, the popularity of freelancing and remote working among Millennials parents push co-working owners to re-design their spaces in order to meet the needs of a new type of worker: the lines among job and life are blurring in the name of flexibility and modern work structures must adapt to that if they want to stay competitive. 

Trend Evidences:

Stocked up with toys and books and featuring a dress-up section and a breastfeeding room, Cuckooz Nest, located in London, established itself in 2018 as both a co-working space and a nursery. Parents can book a desk space and qualified childcare on a flexible pay-as-you-go basis. 

In Toronto, The Workaround is a flexible, parent-friendly workspace that not only provides mums and dads access to meeting and phone rooms, pop-up and workshop spaces, but also to  emergency childcare programs, plus regular play-based learning activities for kids.

Huckletree West, another co-working space in London, has a so called Kids Studio: a dedicated area featuring books, bean bags and a TV where parents can either leave their older kids unsupervised or book a babysitting service for the younger ones.

In partnership with N Family Club, “one of London’s most forward-thinking childcare providers,” Second Home also included an on-site nursery in its workspace environment. 

In Asia, Hong Kong-based co-working space operator Campfire launched its ‘Campfire Campus‘: a space described as a “shared education hub” that combines a co-working environment with a large recreational area for kids.

The space—which is also pet-friendly— provides access to everything from early childcare to language schools, ballet, martial arts and music, allowing kids and parents to work and learn in close proximity to one another.

At the Clif Bar headquarters, in the U.S, there are many different areas that are designated for children activities, encouraging parents to bring their sons into work. These areas include a care center that is separated by age in order for structured free time, an outdoor playground, and even a music room where kids can learn how to play different instruments.

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