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Trend Definition

A new feminine aesthetic bringing innocence and purity to fashion.

Trend History

Nostalgia is driving a new current of femininity in fashion. Tired of an aesthetic centered around sexiness, millennial women are embracing the innocence and chastity of childlike style as a way to feel good with themselves.

This is the latest step in the evolution of a trend we have been seeing during the last couple of years. In 2017, pink stopped being just a color to become the symbol of the new wave of feminism (people protesting at Women’s Marches around the world wore vibrant pink hats) and, more generally, of the values and the identity of an entire generation (see “Millennial Pink”).

This cultural shift made its way to the catwalks, and rose-tinted clothes popped up in SS17 collections. From Celine’s jersey dress, to Balenciaga’s toe-covering trousers, and Rihanna’s entire Fenty by Puma collection, the fashion system turned the most feminine shade ever into a symbol of strength, rather than fragility.

But that was just the beginning. A new school of designers strengthened a new feminine aesthetic already embraced by Simone Rocha, Cecilie Bahnsen and Molly Goddar: one that celebrated womanhood but without sexual connotations.

Turning away from the aesthetic of modernity, puffed-up sleeves, figure-concealing ruffles and inspirations taken from 90s kids fashion reject feminine expectations placed on women, and let them finally free to embrace their inner child rather than being a sex symbol at all costs. In an era of political and social concerns, it’s also a way to escape from reality, evocating better and easier times.

Trend Evidences:

Batsheva Hay is one of the key designers leading this childlike aesthetic. Inspired by Amish modesty, her creations earned her more than 52K  Instagram followers. “I always use details from my childhood wardrobe”- she said- “My entire fashion fantasy is just an exaggerated version of my memories from childhood.”

Cecilie Bahnsen AW19 collection is a celebration of the cast  aesthetic of Victorian Age, with fabrications and cuts that evoke the past

Susan Alexandra’s handmade creations are inspired by a 90s aesthetic, selling millennials items similar to those they probably worn in their childhood. From  strawberry earrings to patchwork box bags, she only makes pieces she’d loved when she was 5 years old, bringing playfulness and joy to contemporary fashion. 

Seoul Import’s plastic hair clips, Shrimps’ pearl bags and Prada’s padded Alice bands are other evidences of the trend.
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