Trend Alert: Coworking Restaurants

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Trend Definition

Restaurants turning into coworking spaces during closing hours

Trend History: 

Remote working is growing. More and more companies are now giving their employees the possibility of working from home (or from everywhere they want) recognizing that this flexibility contributes to create a better work/life balance, increase productivity and, in some cases, also reduce costs.

A joint study conducted by Upwork and the Freelancers Union advocacy back in 2017 found that freelance workers made up about a third of the US workforce that year, and predicted that by 2027 more than half of American workers will be freelancers.

But if there are many advantages in working from everywhere, freelancers often lack the consistent pay of a regular job. They need a place to go working, but they often can’t afford the costs of a coworking membership.

That’s where restaurants jump in.

Partnering with startups, dinner restaurants in the U.S are creating a brand new coworking model. During lunch hours, when they are closed, they transform their dining room into a workplace where people can go with their laptop not to eat but to do their job.

It’s a win-win: restaurants-turned-coworking spaces are a much cheaper alternative for freelancers and remote workers who can’t afford to pay for a regular coworking membership, and they are also a more appealing option than working from home or from a neighborhood coffee shop. On the other side, restaurant owners have found a good way to monetize otherwise unused spaces.

Trend Evidences:

In April 2018, Crave Fishbar in New York City partnered with a startup called Spacious to transform itself into a coworking place during closing hours.

It’s not the only eatery Spacious is partnering with: in fact, their members have access to 15 different locations in town, most of them dinner-only restaurants that would otherwise be empty during lunch hours.

Of course, all restaurants are equipped with routers to ensure fast wi-fi.

Spacious brought the same model to San Francisco, as well.

KettleSpace in New York City, Switch Cowork in Austin, and WEach Seats in Philadelphia are other similar coworking companies that operate out of restaurants and hotels during off-peak hours.
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