Trend Alert: CryoFacials

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Trend Definition:

Deep-freeze face treatments that improve skin’s health and appearance

Trend History

Cryotherapy is well known for its use by athletes for pain management but the realm of this treatment has now extended to the world of beauty. The so-called ‘cold therapy’ is increasingly popular for facial treatments but it can also be used to repair damaged and lackluster hair.

Popularized by celebrities such as Jennifer Aniston and Gigi Hadid (who reportedly got a full-body cryo treatment before the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in 2015), cryofacials use nitrogen in a small directed stream on the face to create constriction and dilation of blood vessels. This increases collagen production and the quality of the skin.

In a recent interview, actress Jennifer Aniston confessed: “Another good tip that my facialist showed me is just to take a glass of cold water and splash it on your face 25 times. It’s an old-school trick that Joan Crawford use to do. It just wakes up your skin,” said Jennifer in the same interview.

There’s a rising interest around Cryo Sticks which are used to stimulate the collagen production and can bring at home the benefits of #cryofacials.

They also reduce inflammation and calm the skin. The cryo-sticks, made out of steel or conceived to stay in the fridge, use cold to provoke “goosebumps” that stimulate the skin nerve cells. Using them regularly can help the user to contour the facial muscles and keep the skin firmer, especially in areas like the forehead, cheeks, jaw, and neck while providing a great instagram moment for the skincare obsessed.

Trend Evidences

In the attempt to bring benefit of Cryofacial at home, and driven by the trend for rituals and face massage, Icing Balls with their customization possibilities and their instagrammable appeal have took over the Internet.

Mostly reviewed on social media this summer, The Freezing Mask of Sephora is an ice blue hydrogelface mask providing a toning ice cube effect.

Hanacure all-in-one facial is one of the most beloved product in skincare, so that the brand had to open a dedicated Instagram account to collect all the positive feedback. As the carbon dioxide in the air fuses into the mask, it will solidify onto the skin creating a freezing effect that resulting in the intense tightening finish loved by celebs and beauty-addicts.

Miniature Skin-Fridges are changing the way we store makeup. They improve beauty experience and prolong products life, especially for the parabens-free addicted. Since July 2019 the evidences around #beautyfridges or #minifridges have doubled their volume.

The Jalue Ice Therapy set comes complete with sachets of botanical blends like sage, chamomile and rose which you infuse into water and then freeze. Once set, you can glide it over your skin, enjoying the dual benefits of the revitalising cold alongside a targeted hit of skin-soothing actives. 
Parisian facialist brand Anne Semonin offers Express Radiance Ice Cubes, you can slide  over your face and neck for a sculpting and brightening effect. Captura de pantalla 2020-02-21 a las 16.14.07

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