Trend Alert: Crystal Facials

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Trend Definition:

Using crystals for skincare

Trend History:

As the interest around mindfulness and mysticism is growing, the healing properties of crystals are being incorporated into beauty routine, with the promise to give you a brighter, tighter and clearer skin, along with many other benefits.

In the last couple of years, the centuries-old tradition of jade rolling, which has roots in traditional Chinese medicine and dates back to the seventh century, has become an integral part of at home facials for many people, as you’ve probably noticed on your Instagram feed.

Now, the trend is evolving to eliminate any physical effort when applying crystals to your skin: rather than rolling or scraping a crystal along your face, all you need to do is lie down while stones adorn different areas of it.

Crystal experts are coming up with different formations of stones that can be bought in a set, along with a diagram of where to put each one. Beauty centers are also adding crystal facials to their offering.

Trend Evidences:

Heather Askinosie, founder of EnergyMuse, a crystal-focused blog and e-commerce site, created a how-to guide outlining how to arrange crystals on your face to treat and address specific issues. There’s even an “anti-aging” crystal facial grid, which features a lepidolite stone in between your eyebrows (for beauty), two rose quartz stones — one on your forehead and one on your chin — (for self-love), and an aquamarine stone on each cheek to encourage youthfulness.

Happy Soul, a wellness retailer based in Toronto, also offers workshops and crystal facial grid sets that allow you to find the right crystal combination for what you’re looking to address.

Last September, in Oregon, Esthetician Skin Enthusiast offered a special “Back to school” crystal facial that invited parents to enjoy the time without their sons with a relaxing 90 minute treatment.

In Australia, beauty and wellness space Venustus in Paddington and Auralite Beauty in Queensland, among others, offer crystal facials on their wellness menus. 

Currently, there are more than 540 evidences for #crystalfacials on Instagram and the trend is expected to grow.

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