Trend Alert: Femtech for Menopause

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Trend Definition:

Innovative wellness products addressing the symptoms of menopause.

Trend History:

Once a taboo, the conversation around menopause is now driving innovation in femtech.

Inspired by the global menstrual activism and body positive movements, women are sharing their personal experiences online, raising awareness and contributing to normalize this inevitable life stage.

In this scenario, both huge companies and emerging start-ups (most of them led by women) are launching innovative products aimed to address menopause symptoms and provide customers a more healthy life.

These range from wearables up to smart fabrics and sextech. The industry is still in its early phases and more menopause-focused wellness products are expected to hit the market soon.

Trend Evidences:

Founded at MIT, Embr Labs is the creator of Embr Wave, the world’s first thermostat for your body. This wearable bracelet can raise or cool your body temperature, in order to regulate hot flushes.

Similarly, Grace wristband is an automated cooling device that comes with an app designed to track data and analyze patterns in the symptoms.

Launched in 2017, Become is a clothing line made with cooling smart fabrics. They also use social media to open up the conversation around menopause.

At TechCrunch Disrupt Berlin in December 2017 Ida Tin, founder of period-tracking app Clue, insisted on the importance of targeting an older demographic and using technology to serve women’s needs when they go through menopause. Fitbit seems to agree with that: not only  it added menstrual cycle-tracking functionality this year, but it also provided an online community where women feel free to talk about menopause.

The sextech industry is also starting to target menopausal women. Pulse, for example, launched a machine that dispenses natural lubricant while Unbound created a Menopause Box in limited edition with the goal to guarantee older women a pleasant sexual life.
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