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Trend Definition: 

Food items arranged as bouquets for Valentine’s Day

Trend History: 

Forget flowers: this year, the coolest Valentine’s Day trend is all about bouquets that you can actually eat. As people are seeking for unconventional ways to express their love, brands are inviting consumers to ditch the most traditional options in favor of food items beautifully packaged as floral arrangements.

The trend first started in the U.S last October, when a bride posted a photo of herself with a custom nugget bouquet. The picture immediately become viral, and many Instagrammers started to create (and post) their very own nugget bouquets. Companies got inspired, and they took the idea to other kinds of food for Valentine’s Day. The trend rapidly spread to the U.K and now is ready to conquer the rest of the world.

Some of these food bouquets are sweet and others are savory, including everything from donuts and cookies up to salami, ribs and pickles. Funny, tasty and perfect for anyone (from your lover to your best friend, your mum or…yourself!) these flower-shaped foods are already taking the Internet by storm.

Trend Evidences:

As part of their “Valentine’s Day ToGo dinner for two” promotion, Olive Garden is offering a composition of breadsticks. For the second year in a row, Grillo’s Pickles invite customers to gift their loved one with a pickle bouquet. 

Meat-based options are especially trendy: Man Crates and Hickory Farms are both selling salami arrangements that can be sent directly to your door. Bacon Bouquets proposes a tasty bacon bouquet and Boston Market is offering a “Bae-By Back Ribs Bouquet” at select locations this February 14th. 

If you prefer sweets, Harry & David has a bouquet of donuts that would be perfect for you, featuring ten chocolate-dipped, drizzled, and sprinkled minis. Cheryl’s Cookies sell a dozen of long-stemmed and heart-shaped sugar cookies covered in rich and fluffy buttercream frosting, and Ferrero Rocher has its own Chocolate Candy Bouquet available on Amazon. 

Both FlowerPowerCookies Valentine’s Day Bouquet (Available at Etsy) and Baked Bouquet’s Pretty in Pink Bouquet resemble ordinary floral compositions, except they have cookies and cupcakes instead of blooms. Dylan’s Candy Bar created a box of long-stemmed chocolate roses, each one individually wrapped. 

Fruit bouquets are a thing, too: Edible Arrangements promise to seduce your loved one with some delicious chocolate-dipped strawberries disposed in bouquet form with a red-velvet cake coating, while Fruit Bouquets’ Berry Cute delivers you a fresh arrangement of vibrant melon, orange wedge, chocolate-dipped strawberry, and pineapple blooms. 

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