Trend Alert: Food For Thought

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Trend Definition:

Foods that boost brain function.

Trend History:

The use of technology to augment brain function is not a science-fiction thing anymore. Brain Hacking is globally emerging as a macro-trend that sees researchers investigating new ways to improve our memory, focus and even intelligence.

In 2017, engineers at Wits University connected a human brain to the Internet in real time. According to the research team, the ‘Brainternet’ project “essentially… turns the brain into an Internet of Things node on the World Wide Web.”

Elon Musk’s company Neuralink is focused on technologically augmenting the brain. An implanted device connected to the brain – referred to as a ‘neural lace’ – would enable people to interact with a computer without a keyboard or trackpad. Musk is confident it will be on the market in a few years.

Bryan Johnson has founded Kernal, a “neuroprosthetics” company that is working on memory enhancement through brain implants, believing that augmentation is the next evolutionary step.

Neuromarketing company Bitbrain showed the Elevvo, a consumer headset that can be used to promote focus, while Brain Co is currently trialling its headset in classrooms to help teachers monitor student productivity.

Now the growing interest in brain-hacking is having an impact on the food industry too, where restaurants and brands are starting to collaborate with neuroscientists to sell plates and drinks that enhance brain functionality.

Trend Evidences:

Brain hacking is turning “food for thought” into reality: Honeybrains is a fast-food restaurant that wants to feed consumers’ brain. Founded by neurologist Dr Alon Seifan and located in NuHo in New York, it serves dishes that aim to improve cognitive functions.

Arepa is innovative juice-based drink that improve brain function and mood. It features mind-enhancing components that stimulate alpha brain waves, the part of the brain that boosts concentration and creativity while reducing depression. The drink is developed in collaboration with neuroscientist Dr Andrew Scholey to ensure the functionality of all the active ingredients, and is also promoted as a natural way to reduce tension and fatigue.

Similarly, TruBrain sells drinks designed in collaboration with neuroscientists to “help you power past stress, overcome mental blocks, and boost mental output.”

Nutrient claims to provide “the world’s only meal program designed to maintain brain health and performance”. They promise to help you improve  focus, concentration, and memory, but also to lower stress levels and reduce Alzheimer’s risk.
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