TREND ALERT : Granny’s Headscarf

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Trend definition:
Headscarves knotted below the chin for the nostalgic of those pre-internet days.

Trend evolution: 

Headscarves are a timeless accessory, going in and out of fashion rapidly. During these fluctuations, they gain or lose some of their intrinsic significance, according to the evolution of taste and people’s needs.

The first comeback of the headscarf was spotted on AW 20 catwalks, having made its appearance in summer ‘20 along with the daisy trend. Those runways hit peak 90’s and Y2K nostalgia with scarves and bandanas looks reminiscent of those of Christina Aguilera or Destiny’s Child.

But now, as people keep romanticizing the past and the rural aesthetic of Cottagecore, dressing the Grandma way has been one of the most interesting directions in fashion. Granny’s wardrobe staple items have popped during SS 21 catwalks: together with nap dresses and crocheted garments, headscarves have been claimed to be the must have for the season, especially when worn around the chin: this style brings a retro-inspiration that links to a conservative past where people felt safe and secure. We believe that this unconscious desire is what makes the fortune of this versatile item right now.

Trend Evidences:
During spring we’ve seen an entire TikTok current dedicated to the trend, which contributes to make the granny’s headscarf attainable for the real world. The “Please Don’t Go Tik Tok Compilation” videos on the  platform showed users wearing the headscarf knotted below the chin, linking the item less to the 90’s nostalgia and more to a retro-style that recalls the timeless elegance of Audrey Hepburn.
Whether it’s to look luxurious or to remember the old good times, the item will hit the mainstream for two main reasons: the rising interest for modest fashion from one side, the modular design direction from the other. 
In fact, headscarves provide a great opportunity to use deadstock materials for accessories that can pair with an entire outfit, or that can be experimented through DYI endless possibilities, like cute sleeveless tops, belts, or hair-tie, moving designers towards more sustainable collections. Also, the interest for headscarf won’t show signs of slowing during winter. 

On FW 21 catwalks you can look at several designers for thousands of inspirations around headscarves.
Dior updated the trend with prints of apple and roses appealing to the fairytale world, while Paco Rabanne played with big fauxfur headscarves, with multipurpose uses. 

Roksanda featured oversize silk headscarves, Max Mara  updated the floral and geometric inspiration with prints of  zebras, llamas, and camels. 
For its great multi-use value, the headscarf trend will reach its tipping point in SS 22 (as already spotted in Balenciaga and in Copenhagen fashion week), providing a good alternative to hats, with a more sophisticated look and feel.

Have you already swapped hats for headscarves during summer? Let us know in the comments!

Granny's Headscarf

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