Trend Alert: Holographic Makeup

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Trend Definition

Three dimensional and iridiscent makeup products.

Trend History

This trend is relatively new. The first evidences are just 4-5 years old and it’s surprising and refreshing to know that they’re coming back in a year when #nomakeup and natural skin are huge beauty trends. It was spotted for the first time around 2013, when Cosmopolitan published a column about holographic makeup and beauty products that could serve to replicate that style.

This otherworldly makeup trend resurfaced last year thanks to a very popular nail polish (F.U.N Lacquer in Blessing), that Australian lifestyle magazine Byrdie covered and promoted last April. According to the beauty editor Hallie Gould, this products had been repinned more than 35k times on Pinterest, signaling the huge popularity of this aesthetics.

Also BuzzFeed dedicated several articles and posts to holographic makeup. Last November, the online media outlet published a listicle containing tips about the use of holographic lipglosses, mentioning several beauty brand, vloggers and social media personalities, including tutorials and pictures posted by Karmel Marie, Nicola Quinn and Nativa Melo on their Instagram accounts.

Trend Evidences 

Refinery29 published a post, less than one month ago, titled “Channel Your Inner Unicorn With These Holographic Makeup Looks”, that includes a list of products inspired by a huge research on Instagram, made by the magazine beauty editor, Mi-Anne Chan.
Also MTV and other huge publications are publishing columns and articles focused on this trend.
Giulia Angiolini, one of The Blonde Salade contributing bloggers, published her piece about this trend in the Makeup section of the immensely popular blog, owned by Italian social media influencer and fashion blogger Chiara Ferragni.


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