Trend Alert: Inhaling Beauty

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Trend Definition:

Vaping vitamins and nutrients

Trend History: 

Inhaling vitamins and nutrients is the ultimate wellness craze, sold by companies as a better alternative to shots and pills. Started 4 years ago by brands like VitaStick and VitaVapes, the trend started to spread massively by the end of 2018 and it’s expected to peak in 2023.

The increasing popularity of aromatherapy strongly helped the trend to grow, and it’s now even landing into the fashion industry.

From nootropics to turmeric lattes, health-conscious millennials are always looking for the coolest and fastest way to improve their physical and mental wellbeing. Vitamin and nutrients vapers seem to be the perfect solution, since they promise to help reducing stress, sleeping better and, in some cases, even enhancing healthy hair, skin and nails. Also, they are completely non-toxic and nicotine free. 

Designed to be used on the go, most inhalers contain vitamin B-12 and vitamin C, along with other natural ingredients like caffeine, chamomile extract, green tea extract, and melatonin.

Essential Oils inhalers stick have been recently included by Forbes in its “ Entrepreneur’s Survival Kit For Digital Detoxing And Unplugging From Work”. 

Trend Evidences: 

Inhale Health, a biotech company from California, is tapping into the trend with a line of inhalable nutrients, designed to look like e-cigarettes. They offer them in three varieties: Vitamin Boost, consisting of a vitamin B complex; Instant Energy, devised from vitamin B12 and organic arabica caffeine; and Sleep on Demand, a shot of melatonin that helps you sleep. 

Health Vape sells an inhaler with anti-aging support. It blends essential oils, Natural amino acids and antioxidants to help you improve your hair and nails strength, rejuvenate your skin, and – of course- reduce stress.

VitaminVape B12 Inhaler is claimed to instantaneously boost energy since just 5-10 small puffs can provide over 5000% of your daily B12.

Artisan Aromatics Aromatherapy Inhalers are designed to fit easily into any pocket or purse and let you enjoy the power of essentials oils on the go. Apart from the relaxing benefits, one of their natural blends (the Tuberose Essential Oil) even boosts the libido and is promoted as great aphrodisiac.

Formulated by certified aromatherapist, Gritz’s aromatherapy inhalers line is sold as the easiest way to inhale essential oils. 

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