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Pop-up experiences built around the concept of being “grammable”


As we are overwhelmed by ig posts and call to actions, the fear of brands is that of losing their clients’ interest and loyalty. Acting in the right time and place can make the difference for this always-on-the-move consumer, which is used to technology and driven by FOMO to shop goods and experiences that he considers “unique”.
Stores are being (re)designed to offer fully “instagrammable” experiences, as 
brands need to refocus their attention on Millennial and Gen Z consumers, who will represent 45% of the global personal luxury goods market by 2025. While this does not mean that luxury brands should stop investing in experiential retail propositions, this shift means that brands will need to “meet” their shoppers’ needs as Social Moment seekers: wow effects, unpredictable experiences, exclusive services and the love for all that is “grammable” are the main ingredients to appeal to this cohort, which is composed mainly of Millennials. Filling their desire to “show up”, consumers won’t mind paying for local places and activations that help them showing up their best side and a “life-above-the-average”. If the experience is time-limited it will worth even more.

Moment-base-marketing is at its peak. Immersive pop-ups are the best way to tap into the trend, better if driven by vips and Influencers, who are Masters in creating social Moments acting as Lifestyle Curators through their feed. Think about the 67 millions of interactions that the Ferragnez wedding have reached, more than double of the Royal Wedding, to have an idea of what “a moment” could be marketed to rise both audience and money.


Retailers are experimenting with bold colors to create Instagram-worthy visual displays in order to catch the consumer’s attention and tempt him to step inside and explore. 1990s nostalgia mixed to an anti-anxiety need to have fun and spend well the time are the leading drivers around places and experiences that are targeting Millennials:The Museum of Ice Cream, Dream Machine, Color Factory, The Museum of Selfies, Candytopia, just to mention a few, are all built in the latest 2 years to offer a perfect “magic Instagram experience”. Fondazione Prada itself is setting up exhibitions suitable for Instagram, as the latest contemporary Upside Down Mushroom Room made up by Carsten Holler.

Among the shops, The Riley Rose store, Forever 21’s beauty spinoff opened a pop up in Los Angeles which includes a range of interactive features, such as product trial stations and selfie walls alongside with fun merchandising, like a pink fridge filled with facemasks and a bathtub containing bath bombs.  Brands are leveraging this need to find social, instagrammable moments, offering experiences that go far beyond the product and concentrate on brand values that resonate with this target.

Founded by Rachel Schechtman, Story has the “point of view of a magazine, changes like a gallery, sells things like a store.” Every four to eight weeks, the store is completely reinvented to tell a new story, providing a fresh reason to visit the space and new opportunities to capture grammable images.

At the “Chanel Beauty House” in Los Angeles you can try lipsticks on the bar, take a selfie in the mirror room specially designed for it, or finally test some makeup thanks to virtual reality devices, in the living room.

Tiffany opened the Blue Box Cafè  tclients and non clients with accessible “Tea or coffee menus”, to let people experience the brand posting pictures of their “ Breakfasts at Tiffany’s”;

In August, The Museum of Ice Cream and Target have opened their confectionary retail concept, The Pint Shop, to the public. Beauty brand Winky Lux opened an experiential brand space in Soho, New York, charging $10 entry. The brand’s website sums up this customer’s mentality: “If it didn’t happen on Instagram, it didn’t happen”;

Renault hosted a series of automotive pop-up events that center around the Renault Clio. tapping into the trend, the events presented a distinctly 90s theme, designed to emphasize the notion that “the Renault Clio is the original Millennial, born in the 90s and has never gone out of style”. At the events, Renault provides complimentary 90s food and drinks, promising to turn tongues blue by serving Hubba Bubba slush puppies. In the game zones, young adults were able to relive the days of their youth with Twister, Tamagotchis and Pogs. The entire throwback experience is set to the sounds of a 90s playlist featuring favorites like Britney Spears and Spice Girls, although attendees have the chance to tweet their requests with the #ClioStyle hashtag.
Trend Alert

How about you? Is there any store that you noticed as “grammable”? Please send us pics or insights about it at and you could enter the biggest “human-driven” research network ever conceived!

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