Trend Alert: Lego Inspired CVs

CATEGORY / education TAGS / business, curriculum, education, job, LEGO Fractals LAB / Forma DATE / September 29, 2017

Trend Definition:

Creative resumes in the form of Lego toys.

Trend History:

From movies to food ( whether it’s in a wedding context or not ) and memes, lego bricks continue to have their moments. As people increasingly use them in non-traditional ways, a bunch of creative jobseekers are embracing the trend to create 3D, interactive resumes with the goal to stand out from other applicants and finally get their dream job.

Since gamification is contaminating all aspects of the recruiting process , more and more professionals have been betting on physical, toy-inspired resumes during the last few years. This is especially true for those seeking for jobs in creative fields such as design, photography, tech and more, where innovative ideas are particularly appreciated.

One of the most famous examples is designer and coder Robby Leonardi’s cv  that was inspired by an old style video-game. Evan Light , Andrew Tsang, Akil Chopra

and Photographer Jens Lennartsson all created a toy version or a paper model of themselves as a form of personal branding. Others opted for different but still funny interactive solutions, like Sharon Napier, who attached her resume to a mini-basketball game.

Recently, a few professionals from different part of the world opted to build their resume with LEGOs, generating a lot of buzz on the Internet. The articles about their creations are continuously popping up  on some of the most read web magazines worldwide and, as a direct consequence, searches for “lego cv” are also peaking on Google. That makes it quite probable that we will see more Lego Cvs coming to life in a near future. Would you make one for yourself?

Trend evidences:

In 2014, when she was a student, Leah Bowman was the first one in creating a LEGO version of herself to candidate for an internship in an advertising agency. The figure came with assembly instructions that highlighted her skills, creativity and initiatives.

In 2016, a Slovenian man posted on youtube a slo-mo cv entirely made with Lego bricks.

Emily Kuret, interaction designer for Fjord Toronto Studio, got her job by creating a Lego figurine of herself and attaching it to a flash drive containing her portfolio and resume.

More recently Andy Morris, a recent design graduate from the University of South Wales, caused sensation on the web for his perfectly curated Lego resume: it consists in a miniature of himself in a Lego-Like toy packaging that feature his name, age, and profession. On the back, a mini-curriculum is attached, resuming his background and skills.

From BoredPanda to The Huffington Post, his creation is getting the attention of media from all over the world.


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