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Trend Definition: 

A bright hue of green applied on eyes.

Trend History: 

This summer’s biggest makeup trend is all about neon colors. Among them, lime green is especially popular on Instagram, being the choice of influencers and hollywood stars.

The resurgence of this bright hue is part of the wider “90s revival” we can see everywhere in fashion and visual culture right now.

Just to mention a few examples of it from the U.S (but there are plenty of them worldwide!): In 2017 indie beauty company Glamour Dolls launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund a Lisa Frank makeup line, aimed to feed Millennials’ nostalgia through bold colors and beauty looks reminding of those of Christina Aguilera in the 90s. Last year Dolls Kill, a San Francisco-based brand, released a collection that paid tribute to the 90s teen brand Delia’s. Their catalog was full of platform shoes, mesh tops, flower-embellished jeans and, of course, neon colors (lime green included). 

Millennials are definitely not tired of revisiting their childhood yet, as evidenced by the abundance of colorful fashion and accessories on the market, by the growing popularity of Childlike style  and by the emergence of the term “kidulting.” But even among brands that don’t seize on nostalgia, bright colors – and especially lime green – are coming to the fore with with brands like Asos, Balenciaga or French label Marine Serre. 

Following this global trend, people are now completing their 90s-inspired outfits by putting bright pigments on their eyes and, in some cases, even on their lips, for a playful, nostalgic and fresh approach to beauty.

Lime green makeup has been embraced and popularized by stars such as Rihanna, Kendall Jenner and Emma Stone, among others, and we saw it everywhere on the red carpet of the last Met Gala. 

Trend Evidences:  

By the end of last year, Emma Stone and her makeup artist Rachel Goodwin chose neon green eyeshadow ahead of a movie premiere at the New York Film Festival and many beauty magazines talked about it. Then, Kendall Jenner officially made green eyeliner a thing, and the trend took Instagram by storm. 

On May 10, Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty brand dropped a range of neon eyeliners and lipsticks in shades like blue, papaya and lime. Rihanna herself wore the lime green trend and she took it even on nails

Model Paloma Elsesser wore a glowing green eyeliner as the only stand-out element of her beauty look. She maintained the rest of the face completely clean, giving life to an amazing futuristic style. 

Makeup artist Katie Jane Hughes also posted photos of herself wearing dashes of bright green eyeliner 

Ava Duvernay, Hailee Steinfeld and Ashley Graham wore this summer’s hottest color on the red carpet of the last Met Gala, each one interpreting the trend in a different way: Duvernay added a touch of neon green along the inner corner of her eyes; Steinfeld opted for a diffused blend of lime green and yellow shadows to offset her lashes; and Graham drawed it across her waterline.  

Brands like 3INA and Suva Beauty are selling bright eyeshadows that help creating the trendiest neon looks of the season, with the lime green hue figuring heavily on their Instagram feeds. Sephora’s jumbo eye pencil in “Fresh Limeade,” solded out in many stores across the U.S. 

On Instagram we are seeing lime green makeup applied in many different ways, sometimes being the accent on an otherwise standard look and sometimes being the basis for unexpected swoops and streaks. It can be precise or a little messy, but one thing is undeniable: almost everybody is wearing it!

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