Trend Alert: Mood Boosting Beauty

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Trend Definition:

Beauty products aimed to reduce stress and elevate mood

Trend History:

It isn’t just about your skin, and brands seem to get it.

The modern consumer is stressed, but he’s also more aware than ever of the importance of his mental health, so it’s constantly looking for quick, easy solutions that helps him feel better. The beauty industry is increasingly addressing this demand with products that claim to reduce stress and inspire joy.

According to Google search data, interest in products and ingredients promising to relieve anxiety have increased in the last 12 months and it’s expected to grow by 24 percent in the next year.

Reports say that anxiety is rising in the U.S, and particularly among young people. This phenomenon has been related with social media use, the economy, and the American obsession with the pursuit of happiness. In the rest of the world, things aren’t better.

Even if clinical evidences are discordant on the real effects of aromatherapy, the belief that some scents can elevate mood and relieve stress are pushing brands to use them for oils and fragrances.

Trend Evidences

Last November, clean beauty brand Osea presented a new body oil inviting to “take a few deep breaths while massaging product into the neck”, since this practice would help reduce stress. Ingestible wellness brand The Nue Co. also launched a perfume which you can spray onto your wrist or neck and inhale and exhale for a few seconds to reduce stress.

Kanya Crown & Third Eye Nourishing Body Oil imparts an herbal and floral aroma to bestow tranquility and peace after a stressful day. 

Amayori Daily Transformation Soaking Salts are available in  three mood-shifting fragrances to help you enter in a relaxed mood, and Milèo is releasing a face oil which customers are invited to apply and then cup their hands around their noise and mouth to feel happier.
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