Trend Alert: No Buy Movement

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Trend Definition:

Reducing the amount of beauty products purchases in the name of sustainability.

Trend History:

There’s no doubt Social Media has a huge impact on the way we approach and consume beauty. Since we are constantly informed about the latest trends and the coolest emerging brands through platforms like Instagram or Youtube, we are now buying more products than ever. The rise of K-beauty, for example, replaced the once ubiquitous three-step “cleanse, tone and moisturize” routine with an 8-step ritual involving all kind of essences, serums, masks and mists.

As a result of that, global personal care and beauty product annual sales are predicted  to reach $500 billion by 2020.

Even in the middle of this scenario, something is starting to change. As awareness around sustainability rises, a growing number of “no-buy beauty” posts is gaining traction on social media.

With the help of Swedish teen Greta Thunberg’s campaigns, David Attenborough’s Our Planet on Netflix, the #Trashtag viral challenge (among many other initiatives inside and outside the web) people are finally starting to rethink their consumption habits. That’s why a rising number of influencers are encouraging their followers to cut back on non-essential beauty purchases and use the products they already have before buying new ones, in order to reduce waste and take a more mindful approach to their skincare routine.

Trend Evidences:

YouTuber Hannah Louise Poston completed a no-buy year in 2018, and managed to bring her monthly skincare spending down from $220 to $49 by simply culling extras, like essences and cream masks. The video where she explain how her “no buy” habit changed her skincare routine has viewed over 55k times since December.

Beauty blogger Serein Wu received by a lot of supportive comments from her nearly 127k subscribers when she announced her own no-buy year  on December 31st (she also made an update last April, sharing the lessons learned during the first 3 months of the experience).

Another beauty blogger, Samantha Ravndahl, shared a video called ‘No More PR”, where she explains that she no longer accepts free items from beauty companies to avoid waste and excessive packaging: she has now committed to only buying products that she knows she will use and enjoy.

As a part of the “no buy movement” (which currently counts more than 32.000 related pictures on Instagram alone) the ‘Skin Fasting’ approach is also causing sensation on social media: the idea is to use no skincare products at all for a day or even for a week, not just to reduce consumption but also as a way to improve skin complexion. Japanese skincare brand Mirai Clinical fully supports the trend, saying that by applying excessive amount of moisturiser on a daily basis, skin can become too lazy to produce its own natural oils and moisture.

The Skin Fasting habit has appeared on several threads in Reddit’s Skincare Addiction and Asian Beauty forums, where people share their experiences of cutting out almost all of their beauty products.

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Will you embrace the “no buy” beauty trend or you can’t resist the latest beauty launches? Send us your opinions at! (And if you want to know more about this trend, just let us know: we may provide you an in-depth report)

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