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The use of artificial nails to be applied with glue or special adhesives.


Very popular a few years ago, press on nails are making a comeback thanks to the social platforms of Instagram and TikTok through hashtags such as #pressonnails or #acrylicnails. Press on nails are also making their come-back on the catwalks of the current fashion shows: Christian Cowan proposes several models including extra-long ones.

They are the ideal solution to have a flawless manicure in minutes and at a low price. This trend comes from pure convenience and the need to save time, getting the required result without going to the salon.

Personalized nails are among the most important accessories for many girls; one of the many ways in which we express ourselves creatively. It isn’t uncommon to choose a pattern to match a specific outfit or to have your partner’s name painted on the tips or even to cut newspaper sheets into small pieces and glue them on your nails. It’s an art.

The most obvious reason for the shift towards press on nails has been the impact of the ongoing global pandemic. Everyone was forced to reconsider activities that required close contact with strangers. When the first closure mandates were implemented, non-essential businesses were the first to be affected, including the much-loved beauty salons. The slice of clientele that routinely went to salons were forced to consider other options for their manicures, and press-on nails were a natural go-to.

Compared to a few years ago, press-on nails have evolved to meet these needs: today you can choose from a wide range of colors, patterns, shapes and lengths and in many cases you do not even need to use glue. In fact, nail adhesives are making their entrance into this category for people who are fans of time-consuming nail art.


ManiMe Customized Manicures is just one example of the recent evolution of press-on nails. In fact, ManiMe allows users to upload photos of their nails to the company’s website, which uses 3D modeling technology to create custom gel-polish stickers. The proposed manicures are done via peel off, so there is no drying required. Each application lasts for two weeks, and at the end of that time, it will be enough to remove the adhesive.

The same method of application of the gel adhesive is also combined with masks. Sally Hansen has introduced a new collection of at-home nail care products and one of them is a Peel-Off nail mask. Just as there are peel-off masks for the face that are quick and easy to use, Sally Hansen’s Peel-Off Nail masks can be used to help keep the nail and cuticles moisturized and to relieve rough textures.

Just as a lip gloss can add a subtle streak of color and shine to the lips, Nail Gloss by & Other Stories offers a similar nail treatment. The ultra-shiny gloss provides color and shine to the nail. The brand is introducing fresh and exciting colors for the spring season like Endless Lilac.

In the U.S.,many beauty entrepreneurs have been happy to fill this need, with brands like Chillhouse and Olive & June quickly leveraging press-on nails with products like Checked Out 2.0: nail art that can be done at home, with no wait time and no smudging, achieving a salon-like result. The online store of Chillhouse is full of original ideas for press on nails, you can choose from a wide range of colors and lengths to suit your personal needs.

With a new line of products, O&J enhances the nail art experience at home. On the site you can find a wide range of dedicated products, such as Dotted French Press-Ons; these almond shaped indigo nails are just one of the vast press on nails proposed by Olive & June for sale on the site and at an affordable price.

But this historical period has also become a moment for brands already launched on this trend since before 2020 to gain visibility, such as: High Voltage Nails and Ethereal Touched Nails. High Voltage Nails offers dozens of designs in a variety of length and shape options that can be arranged to fit any nail and delivered directly to your address. HVN’s options range from classic ombr√© French tips, to a hand-painted cow coat motif in both white and “Chocolate Milk” to a blinged out set called “Spoil Me.”

HVN has become the go-to press-on for several girls and is one of the most established brands in reaching the masses with stylish and affordable manicures. Ethereal Touched Nails offers original press on nails with completely handmade designs and uses the best gel products and, in some offerings, real Swarovski crystals. Moreover, Ethereal Touched Nails nails are composed of hard gel and gel polish to obtain strong and durable nails that can be reused as many times as you want, with proper maintenance. In the online store you can buy all types and shapes: the Wildin, for example, are pointed press on nails with mixed animal designs and a golden detail, you can choose custom base, length and shape.


Have you ever used this method for your manicure? Tell us in the comments!

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