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Trend Definition

Beauty products and treatments that actively carry vibrational qualities to activate reparative processes in the skin, fascia and muscles.

Trend History

Cleansing one’s energy has been for many years the preserve of the new age enthusiasts, but practices such as chakra healing, emotional freedom techniques and energy-focused body work are now part of the general wellness lexicon.
We’re at a pivotal moment with energy medicine. In the coming years, there will be a rush by medical and technology companies to further crack the code on how energy networks organize our bodies and brains, and they will use that knowledge to design interventions into our electromagnetic and biophotonic fields to prevent disease and boost physical and mental health.
Examples of this movement can already be seen. Flow Genome Project is a
peak performance and leadership training organization that let people tap into their  ‘flow’ state, a state that offers heightened creativity, increased performance and accelerated problem-solving. Furthermore, computer engineer Mikey Siegel  in California is considering tech that claims to provide the benefits of 10,000 hours’ worth of meditation in one app.
Microdosing makes use of psychedelics to regulate hormones, while bioelectronic medications can alter electrical signals in nerves to treat diseases.
As we already noticed with mood-boosting trend, consumers are trying new skincare routines that act primarily on their energetic state and we are seeing several new products based on high vibrational frequencies or that target specific energy points of the face to let energy flow, increasing one’s health levels and thus providing a whole radiant look.
A great part of this trend relies on the benefit of the vibrational healing: 
crystal facials were already the big trend of 2019; body combing uses crystal combs to brush the body according to Chinese meridian channels, while face yoga promises better and long lasting results more than any skincare product.
Brands embrace this trend by infusing their products with heritage, healing ingredients, while bricks and mortar retail stores have the opportunity to create immersive brand experiences which engage all of the senses.

Trend Evidences
Australian brand Qibeauty offers customised skincare and skin maintenance programs based on Qi face mapping using patches that work all over the face meridians along with customised skin training tools. The skin is stimulated using a controlled Static Magnetic Field to activate energetic processes that support healthy skin functions.
The sheet mask by Magic Stripes is integrated with the force of magnets that accelerates the circulation of blood and fluids, improving the transportation of toxins, impurities, and excess water out of the body.

Several products conceived by energetic therapists are hitting the market, like Quantum Botanika, the first line of skincare made by acclaimed facialist and acupuncturist Nataliya Robinson;
Knesko sells skin care products as a holistic blend of science and spirituality: the brand’s founder, Lejla Cas, charges every  skin care product with the positive life force energy of Reiki, while Zen Jen Skin products are charged with specific intentions and frequencies even before shipping. Skinesiology offers mindful beauty routines that combine mindful application of products plus vibrational ingredients of each in order to raise the user’s vibrational state, and balance the energy flow.       TrendAlert_QuantumBeauty
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