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Eco-friendly reusable products with eye-catching design


Once limited to eco-friendly brands, refillable products are now becoming more and more popular as they are being adopted by luxury companies and better-funded indies.

This is a result of the growing awareness of the modern consumer around sustainability issues: as people increasingly demand for products with minimum impact on the ecosystem, brands starts to re-think excessive packaging and put more effort in reducing waste.

Of course, refills are not a new thing: companies like Aveda and Stila, for example, started to sell them decades ago. The difference, now, is that a greater importance is given to design.

To say it in another way: the goal is not just to sell more eco-friendly products anymore, but to make them eye-catching and highly instagrammable, as well.


For Christmas, Dior released an elegant holiday set featuring a refillable version of its Rouge Dior lipstick: it sold out.

When Hourglass Cosmetics created their first reusable lipstick (that comes in a thin, shiny gold cylinder) they wanted it to be extremely luxurious and capable of fitting in every evening clutch, as founder Carisa Janes told Fashionista.

Personal care brand Method sells a variety of refillable soaps, and it bets on good design. Last January it partnered with the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art to create the Glass for Good Hand Wash: a sophisticated glass bottle which is sold exclusively through the SFMOMA store to support the museum’s arts education program.

Indie brand Myro offers a refillable deodorant with a variety of scents to choose from, and a very instagrammable case that has been designed to appeal both women and men.

L’Occitane, Kjaer Weis or  Le Labo are some of the other brands offering refillable options, the last one requiring you to take your empty bottles to the store in order to recharge them.

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