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Eating each part of the meal in a different restaurant.


Fueled by social media, a new consumer behaviour is disrupting the dining scene.

While searching for the most instagrammable food items, people no longer feel compelled to eat the entirety of their meal at one place: They are increasingly choosing to go to a different restaurant for every course, instead.

Media and blogs started to talk about the new “Restaurant hopping” habit back in 2014, but now the trend is booming. According to TasteWise, an AI-powered food intelligence company, it increased by 160% from 2017-2018, and it’s showing no sign of slowing down anytime soon.

The reason is that today’s eaters are constantly searching for new experiences, while prioritizing quality and health. As more restaurants are focusing on fewer items (sometimes just one signature dish), they choose to eat just that one single course and have the next part of their meal elsewhere. By doing so, they ensure the best culinary experience while catching up the most instagrammable food moments.

In this context, restaurants needs to become as dynamic as food trucks and pop-ups, while ensuring to properly promote their “must-try” items on social media.

Of course, choosing the right combination of eateries for restaurant hopping activities is not so easy. That’s why dedicated blog posts and guides, as well as specific restaurant hopping tours organized in different cities are on the rise, too.


Currently, there are more than 10.700 evidence for #foodhopping on Instagram.

In a recent post, the creator of food-oriented @livingoutlaod account wrote: “Who says you can’t dine at two or even three restaurants in one night? People bar hop cause they love to drink. I restaurant hop cause I love to eat […]. You can dine at one restaurant for appetizers, one for main entree, and another for desserts or whatever you want”. And then she concluded: “Life is most enjoyable when we can live and do whatever our heart desires without rules and restrictions that ties and binds us. Enjoy life. It’s delicious!!”

Companies are organizing restaurant hopping tours all around the world. At the London Restaurant Festival, you could  eat at  five restaurants in one day, for just £45. In Medellin, Colombia, you can book a 4-hour-long culinary journey where you will have 3 different courses at the best restaurants in town. In Lagos two social communities organized a series of Restaurant Hopping Experiences not just to enjoy the food but also as a way to meet other foodies in person. Similar tours can also be enjoyed in Connecticut, US and in some African states, among other places.

A blogger even wrote “a guide to the Art of Restaurant Hopping” (it turns out three is the best number of restaurants to try in one night, in case you wondered) and the practice has also been recommended as one of 15 creative date ideas for San Valentine.
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