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Trend definition:

Initiatives that teach people to concentrate.  

Trend history:

Social media are always calling us. As we are constantly bombarded with digital inputs, our attention spans decrease.
Distractions and lack of focus are today’s biggest problems at work, impacting employees’ productivity and costing companies a lot of money. Although we know we are distracted, we seem unable to fix the problem, and it results into a general sense of frustration. 
While technology is investing in devices aimed to reduce office noise (we talked about it here), new initiatives are emerging to teach people how to concentrate and, ultimately, learn more effectively. Focus boosting apps are also on the rise, and evolving in the direction of a more gamified approach.

Trend evidences

Caveday provides a eight-hour productivity training. In a distraction-free environment, they teach you everything from how to maintain a good level of energy up to the smartest ways to manage workflow, so you can improve focus and get more results at work.

In the educational context, face-tracking software Nestor tracks attention wavering and tells teachers whether a student is really following a lesson or not. It’s also extremely useful to identify the most engaging teaching method for every single scholar.

In his book Learn Better, Ulrich Boser talks about the new ways in which we can stay concentrated and learn more effectively.

Focus-boosting apps are increasingly using gamification to guarantee better results. Forest is a good example of this: when you need to focus, just open the app and plant a seed. If you stay focused on your task and don’t open any other app, the seed will grow into a tree. If you don’t, your tree will die.

The Most Dangerous Writing App invites you to choose a time period and click “start writing”. If, during that period, you stop writing for a couple of seconds, you lose everything. This is a great incentive to stay absolutely focused.

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