Trend Alert: Tech Against Distractions

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Trend Definition:

Technology aimed to reduce office noise and fight distractions at work.

Trend History: 

We live in an era where focus seems to be an exception in the workplace.

Earlier this year, a survey by online learning company Udemy revealed that 69% of American workers feel distracted at work, and are desperately seeking for help.

The biggest sources of distractions resulted to be talkative co-workers (80%) and Office noise (70%), followed by meetings that interrupt the work-flow (60%) and, finally, social media (56%).

This situation is costing companies billions, while employees are feeling more frustrated, less motivated and even prevented from advancing in their careers.

Technology is trying to provide a solution to this problem, and new tools aimed to create distraction-less workplaces are entering the market.

Trend Evidences:

New devices are constantly emerging to reduce office noise. One of them is OroSound’s Tilde headphones, that claims to “improve concentration and productivity in the office” through adjustable noise cancellation.

Muzo is another good example: it uses ambient noise technology mixed with an anti-vibration technology to minimise noise and create distraction free zones. Popular options like Bose QuietComfort 35 or Microsoft Lifechat LX-3000 Headset not only eliminate background noise, but they also let you launch or join a conference call by simply pushing a button. Apple is also reportedly working on a new version of Airpods with noise cancellation, that could be launched in 2019.

Noise cancelling machines have also grown increasingly popular over the last few years: these are speakers that introduce random, natural sounds to the workplace environment to obscure or “mask” the sound of distracting conversations (Silent Space is one of them) . Searches for these devices increased by 60% on Google in the last year alone.
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