Trend Alert: Women Who Lift

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Trend Definition:
Women lifting weights to build curves in their bodies

Trend History:

You can either thank the body positive movement or new icons such as Kim Kardashian, but Instagram is driving a shift in the way feminine beauty is perceived.

Inspired by fit-fluencers, young women are now embracing weightlifting as a way to naturally build curves in their bodies, while also feeling empowered and boosting their mental strength.

This is the result of a process that has been gradually growing and evolving during the last few years.

The celebration of the curves of Kim Kardashian, Beyonce and Nicki Minaj, among others, first derived in an uptick in photos of female toned glutes on Instagram.

Meanwhile, dedicated classes such as Best Butt Ever and Gluteus Maxout entered the schedules of gyms, and concept studios aimed to build a perfect backside spread across the U.S (
Booty Barre in Seattle and Booty Works in Los Angeles are two good examples of the trend).

Then, hashtags such as #womenwholift, #quadgoals, #grownstrong and #strongnotskinny created a huge social community of women who inspire and motivate each other, as they  share their evolution from slim to strong.

They lift weights to feel more attractive, in a world where attractive means to be proud of their curves. But, most importantly, they do it to improve their self confidence and feel not just physically but also mentally empowered.

Trend Evidences:

In an Instagram post, fitness influencer Kelsey Wells responded to everyone saying that weightlifting is not feminine. “We empower ourselves when we are living our truth and doing what we are passionate about with our whole hearts,” she wrote, adding that it’s when she trains in the gym that she feels most beautiful. “There is 100 percent beauty and femininity in lifting weights, just as there is in dancing”, she also said.

Similarly, Rebecca Catherine Smith, who counts more than 158K followers on Instagram, addressed all those girls who think “the second you pick up a dumbbell or protein shake you’ll suddenly become the hulk”, highlighting the benefits of ditching cardio for weightlifting and encouraging others to do it as well. 

In an article for the Independent, Rachel Rosie shared her experience of lifting weights, saying that it “genuinely changed her life”. In particular, she put the focus on the effect weightlifting had on her mindset, saying that she now feels more empowered.

Influencer Krystal Cantu resumed the phenomenon quite well: “There is a growing shift from the old mindset that women cannot be viewed as strong and feminine at the same time, especially on Instagram”, she told Refinery29.  “It is now becoming more acceptable and aspirational to build your body up rather than to break it down.”

Quimma Russo, Tammy Hembrow, Amanda Finniee, Michelle Lewin  or Emily Abbott are some of the other influencers helping spread the trend.

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