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An eclectic, individual, as-you-please spirit dominating people’s outfits. 


After more than a year of pandemic, lockdowns and zoom meetings, it’s time to ask us that question again: what has the lack of social events done to our wardrobes? 
When it all started, many predicted the rise of sweatpants, the death of the suit and omnipresence of total-knit everything. And even if it all happened, there’s an even more interesting phenomenon to observe: the affirmation of personal style above any imposed trend.
People are definitely dressing more individually,  mixing clothes in unusual and unexpected ways. 

According to GQ’s Rachel Tashjian this can be explained by two main reasons.
First, because “we have a renewed sense of vitality and vigor that we want to express in all things, and clothing is one of them”; And second, because “trends became way more fractured this year as there were fewer places to observe style and the idea of style ‘diktats’ started to feel less relevant with everything else going on in the world.”
The result is, the “fit pic” (an outfit photo, documenting what a person is wearing from head to toe) is living its golden age since last year’s quarantine.
Once a medium reserved for influencers, it seemed like everyone was selfie-ing in the mirror, posting weekly, if not daily, updates of their looks. Early on in lockdown, fit pic aggregate accounts appeared, chronicling the bizarre and over-the-top looks people were trying out while Zooming from couches, beds, and bathtubs. 

Mixing clothes to create highly personal (and often exuberant) looks has a therapeutic effect  on many, as it lets them fully express themselves, be creative and find a renewed joy through fashion. 

From Instagram fitpics, this individual, eclectic style influenced the runways, being reflected in lookbooks and other virtual fashion experiences we’ve had in 2020 and 2021.


Over 150,000 photos are currently hashtagged #fitpic

Midway through the pandemic, Tina Rose Lawless started her own Instagram account to document her looks. “So many people stopped me in London, walking dogs, at work, or just shopping, saying how my outfits made them happy,” she told Vogue. “I thought if I can make people happy in lockdown, I will post on Instagram.” Grouped by color, pattern, or designer, each pic of Lawless’s outfits is, in fact, a source of joy. She pairs furry hats with metallic trenches, giant skirts with patterned tights, and her trusty Crocs with almost everything. 

New Yorker Laura Kim  has transitioned her social media presence to being almost entirely fit pics of her in the same mirror, showing off her PPP style: “patterns, party pants, more patterns.” She said that being confined to her apartment has allowed her to be more creative and less inhibited. “The wonderful thing about styling at home is that I am purely doing it for myself, with no consideration for comfort, practicality, or the weather.”, she declared. 

Crystal Anderson has more than 50,000 followers on her account, @beerbottles_chainsaws, where she chronicles her lively and exuberant style. Her wardrobe is really eclectic, including Act. No. 1 dresses, Christopher Kane sequins, and plenty of plaid. 

This personal, joyful approach to fashion has been reflected on runways, as well. At Louis Vuitton, Nicolas Ghesquière, a designer who popularized total-look style, pivoted for Fall 2021 to a more melange look, coupling tulle skirts with hoodies, crystal embroideries with leather jackets, and poet tops with mannish blazers. At Balenciaga, Demna Gvasalia plays up strange, sometimes surreal, pairings like medieval armor with jeans and sweatpants. Paco Rabanne presented a glitzy collection with slip dresses, boyish coats and fluffy kerchiefs. 
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